Envelopes for overseas shipments

WeEXPORT envelopes is the perfect solution to safely protect transport documents.

They are particularly recommended for overseas shipments or transports involving long journeys by sea or by land.

In facts the WeEXPORT envelope, made with a consistent thickness, can be applied on wooden crates with particularly strong adhesive and a reinforced edge on the perimeter, where you can “shoot” staples.

Resistant and easy to handle, the WeEXPORT envelop is the low cost, alternative for fixing documents to wooden boxes .

Compared to normal envelopes, it has a 70 micron thickness that allows it to have good water resistance, humidity and tear.

  • PURPOSE: transport documents, accompanying bubbles, invoices, instruction books, warranties, manuals, plichi etc..
  • WHO NEEDS IT: companies that ships overseas with wooden cases
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 500pcs.
  • PACKS OF: 500pcs.
  • ORD. MIN. CUSTOMIZATION: 10.000pcs.
Busta riciclabile
Busta waterproof
Busta personalizzabile

Available formats

C5/C6 Format
Cod.: E-711/N
Cod.: E711N neutral
Esternal Dim. 240x180mm
Internal Dim. 170x120mm
Open side 170mm
C4/C5 Format
Cod.: E-741N
Cod.: E741N neutral
Esternal Dim. 340x240mm
Dim. Interne 235x165mm
Open side 235mm

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