Envelopes with simple press closure

The WeGRIP envelope is made of completely transparent polyethylene or three white strips on which the contents can be described.

Practicing pressing closing makes easy and immediate to use this envelope

The WeGRIP envelope is a convenient and easy way to pack any type of item, ship spare parts, small items, jewelery

  • PURPOSE: electronic component packaging, minuterie, parts of ricambio, bigiotteria etc..
  • WHO NEEDS IT: freight forwarders, offices, shops.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 1.000pcs.
  • PACKS OF: 500 – 1.000pcs.
  • ORD. MIN. CUSTOMIZATION: 5.000pcs.
Busta riciclabile

Available formats

TG Format
Cod.: TG4060
Cod.: TGS4060 *
Dimensions 40x60mm
* with white panel.
TG Format
Cod.: TG6080
Dimensions 60x80mm
TG Format
Cod.: TG60130
Dimensions 60x130mm
TG Format
Cod.: TG70100
Cod.: TGS70100 *
Dimensions 70x100mm
* with white panel.
TG Format
Cod.: TG80120
Dimensions 80x120mm
TG Format
Cod.: TG100150
Cod.: TGS100150 *
Dimensions 100x150mm
* with white panel.
TG Format
Cod.: TG120170
Cod.: TGS120170 *
dimensions 120x170mm
* with white panel.
TG Format
Cod.: TG150220
Dimensions 150x220mm
TG Format
Cod.: TG160220
Cod.: TGS160220
Dimensions 160x220mm
* with white panel..
TG Format
Cod.: TG180250
Dimensions 180x250mm
TG Format
Cod.: TG200300
Cod.: TGS200300
Dimensions 200x300mm
* with white panel..
TG Format
Cod.: TG220310
Dimensions 220x310mm
TG Format
Cod.: TG250350
Dimensions 250x350mm
TG Format
Cod.: TG280400
Dimensions 280x400mm
TG Format
Cod.: TG300400
Dimensions 300x400mm
TG Format
Cod.: TG350450
Dimensions 350x450mm

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