Seals to ensure security

Applying a Safety Seal WeSEAL is intended to provide information in the event of unauthorized access due to tampering.

Any attempt to remove the security seals or the marked serial number is highlighted irreversibly, as the combination of security features allows reliable recognition of guaranteed products.

With bar code and serial numbering marked on seals, it is able to track and track goods across the chain.

Seals WeSEAL are divided into three macro-categories:

  1. plastic: Are fixed or adjustable in length depending on the subject to be sealed. Depending on the type of plastic and the strength of the seal can commonly be broken by hand.
  2. metal: They offer more strength and strength than their plastic counterparts, they are often used to close containers.
  3. specials: Are developed with suitable features for particular applications.

Each category also offers different types of products depending on the specific features: they can have different lengths and shapes, special closures or mixed materials (eg plastic metal seal with seals).

  • PORPOSE: detect unauthorized access due to tampering.
  • WHO SERVE: freight forwarders, offices, public bodies.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 1.000pcs.
plastica riciclabile
Safety seal

Available Formats

WeSeal Willchip
Ring Seal
WeSeal Willchip
Super Lock XL
Bag Lock L
Stripe Lock
Short Lock
Cash Bag Seal
Expert Seal
Duo Lock
Metal Strap Lock
Globe Metal Seal

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