Highlight the burglary attempts

The WeSECURE safety envelopes, made of low density transparent or wrapped polyethylene, are ideal for storing, shipping, or transporting valuables, money or confidential documents.

With anti-wrinkle adhesive tape, the WeSECURE envelopes highlight any tampering attempts.

Available with progressive numbering or barcode are used for sending important and confidential documents from banks, security services, law firms etc.

It is possible to apply a transparent polyethylene outer pocket for shipping documents, invoices, etc.

  • PURPOSE: shipping and shipping valuable items, money or confidential documents.
  • WHO NEEDS IT: banks, security services, law offices, etc.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 1.000pcs.
  • PACKS OF: 25 – 500pcs.
  • ORD. MIN. CUSTOMIZATION: 30.000pcs.
  • PRINT: up to 4 colors.
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Available format

C4 Format
Cod.: SIC-001/N °
Cod.: SIC-001/N25 *
Dimensions 240x340 +50mm
Open side 240mm
° in pack of 500pcs.
* in pack of 25pcs.
C3 Format
Cod.: SIC-002/N °
Cod.: SIC-002/N25 *
Dimensions 330x430 +50mm
Open side 330mm
° in pack of 500pcs.
* in pack of 25pcs.

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