Export packing list envelopes

The WeEXPORT self-adhesive envelopes are the perfect solution to ensure protection to the transport documents.

Particularly suitable for companies that ship abroad, passing through customs, the WeEXPORT envelope can be applied to wooden crates, thanks to the particularly strong adhesive and the possibility to “shoot” metal staples along the whole perimeter.

Strong and easy to grip, the WeEXPORT envelope is the low-cost alternative for fixing documents to wooden crates.

Compared to the standard bags, this envelope has a thickness of 70 microns, which allows a good resistance to water, humidity in general and tearing.

  • PURPOSE: shipment of documents, delivery notes, invoices, instruction manuals, warranties, packages, etc.
  • FOR WHOM: companies that ship abroad with wooden crates.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 500 pcs.
  • BOX OF: 500 pcs.
  • CUSTOMIZATION FROM: 10.000 pcs.

Available formats

C5/C6 Format
Cod.: E-711/N
Cod.: E711N neutral
External Dim. 240x180mm
Internal Dim. 170x120mm
Open side 170mm
C4/C5 Format
Cod.: E-741N
Cod.: E741N neutral
External Dim. 340x240mm
Internal Dim. 230x165mm
Open side 235mm

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