Turn your brand, print your name on our products.

Life is neither easy nor difficult, neither ugly nor beautiful, it is simply editable and customizable by the owner.
Andrea Mucciolo

For Willchip, customization has always a two-way meaning

Product Customization

The first one obviously concerns our products: our envelopes WeFLY, WeEXPORT, WePACK and our Luxury Shoppers are not simply products…

For us it’s very important that our Clients should fully customize the products they choose: for this reason we sell customizations for small quantities of products too.

Relationship Customization

The second one concerns the Customized Relationship with each of our Clients. His needs are our needs, his problems are our problems: we are not more kind or sympathetic than our competitors, but we understand an essential concept:

Your business is our business, so we dedicate to each of our customers a qualitatively personalized but quantitatively equal approach to what we reserve for ourselves.

Customizable products

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