Paper bags for events and advertising

The WeSHOP Luxury bags represent an important advertising vehicle for the corporate image. They offer everything they need to deliver and pack a product and enrich it with added value.

Our WeSHOP bags are customizable, as well as in size, even in:

  • the paper: high quality precious, white/avian kraft paper, special papers.
  • the prints: offset CMYK or pantone colors.
  • the finishes: Glossy / matt lacquering or plasticization, hot printing special and metallic colors, UV printing, embossed, glitter, PVC window.
  • the reinforcements: in cardboard at the base and in the upper inner faces
  • the handles: of different lengths, with four knots, plastic clips, chromed eyelets, rope, cotton cloth, PP, satin, organza, terylene, with satin closure tape or, alternatively, flat handles or twisted paper (automatic shopper), or die cut.
  • PURPOSE: advertising material and products.
  • WHO NEEDS IT: event agencies, fairgrounds, shops, etc…
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 500pcs.
  • MIN. ORD.CUSTOMIZABLE: 500pcs. (manual shopper luxury) o 3000pcs. (automatic mechanical shopper)
  • PRINT: offset CMYK or pantone colors.
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