Biodegradable courier bags

WeFLY BIO, biodegradable courier bags, are manufactured in Mater-Bi®, the innovative bio-plastic made with natural materials of renewable origin including corn starch.

The WeFLY BIO can be used for sending documents, books, magazines or samples: they ensure the same advantages and performance of traditional materials and, after use, they can be safely eliminated with the organic fraction, as they are biodegradable and compostable bags, as indicated on the bag by the Mater-Bi® and OK compost logos.

  • PORPOSE: shipment of documents, promotional items, catalogs.
  • FOR WHOM: couriers, offices, public authorities. etc.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 500 pcs.
  • BOX OF: 2 25 – 500 pcs.
  • CUSTOMIZATION FROM: 30.000 pcs.
  • PRINT: customized up to 4 colors.

Available formats

C4 Format
Cod.: F-026/N °
Cod.: F-026/N25 *
Dimensions 240×320 +50mm
Open side 240mm
° Packed in 500 pcs.
* Packed in da 25 pcs.
C3 Format
Cod.: F-027/N °
Cod.: F-027/N25 *
Dimensions 330×430 +50mm
Open side 330mm
° Packed in 500 pcs.
* Packed in 25 pcs.

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