Shipping envelopes in Mater-Bi®

WeFLY BIO Are made of Mater-Bi® , the innovative bio-plastic made with naturally occurring natural materials including maize starch.

Sending Document, Books, Magazines, or Samples , Securing the Same Prospects and Performance of Traditional Materials

WeFLY BIO and, terminated use, can be safely deleted with the organic fraction as biodegradable and compostable as indicated on the envelope from the Mater-Bi® logo and OK compost Vignette.

  • PORPOSE: Transport documents, accompanying bubbles, invoices, instruction books, warranties, manuals, plichi etc..
  • FOR WHOM: Freight forwarders, offices, public bodies.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: 500pcs.
  • PACKED IN: 25pcs. – 500pcs.
  • ORD. MIN. CUSTOMIZABLE: 30.000pcs.
  • PRINT: up to 4 colors.
Busta riciclabile
Busta in MaterBI
Busta personalizzabile

Available formats

C4 Format
Cod.: F-026/N °
Cod.: F-026/N25 *
Dimensions 240x320 +50mm
Open side 240mm
° Packed in 500pz.
* Packed in da 25pz.

C3 Format
Cod.: F-027/N °
Cod.: F-027/N25 *
Dimensions 330x430 +50mm
Open side 330mm
° Packed in 500pz.
* Packed in 25pz.

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