Pockets and reels – made in paper


Pockets and reels - made in paper

The WeCLIN pockets and reels – made in paper, non-woven, Tyvek® and film – are suitable for sterilizing instruments and medical devices.

WeCLIN made of paper and film can be used to pack light and medium-sized instruments and sets.

The 70 g/m2 sterilization-resistant paper creates an effective barrier against germs and is permeable to air, steam and sterilization gases. Three indicators are printed on the edge of the pocket: steam, eo and form (steam, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde).

WeCLIN in 60 g/m² made of non-woven and film, thanks to their high permeability to air and steam, can be used for heavy, voluminous and porous sterile goods.

WeCLIN in Tyvek® and film provides an excellent barrier against germs and are particularly suitable for sterilising thermolabile instruments and sets, and for VH202 (plasma) and gas sterilisation.

Available in different sizes to insert all types of items.

  • PURPOSE: sterilization of objects and devices into special autoclaves.
  • TARGATES: hospitals, medical centres, doctors’ offices, beauticians, dentists etc.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: on request.
  • PACKAGING: according to the kind of product.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: on request.

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